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What makes us different:


Katie has been licensed in real estate since 2006. She's created a niche in the investment market.

If you're an investor acquiring more properties, we'll have an eye on the market as well as pro formas for properties you're interested in.

If you have an exit plan in mind, we can advise you on the best times to sell. 


Brett has a degree in construction management and was a licensed home inspector. Small jobs to new constuction and everything in between, he's got it covered. 



We understand everyone's situations are different and we want to make this work best for you. We welcome questions and ideas!


Hands off

We hope our management allows you to see your home as an investment and not a worry. Allow us to handle the contacts, showings, paperwork, money, evictions, turnovers, maintenance, repairs, permits, etc. Your money will be deposited directly into your account every month. 



We use digital signing, direct deposits and software suited for management. 

Let's Work Together

Our goal is your investment; home maintenance, resale value and keeping your properties full. 

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